3 Consejos para ser un verdadero Caballero Moderno

3 Tips to be a true Modern Gentleman

1.- Take care how you combine your clothes

Both in business and in personal life, appearance and style can be a very powerful weapon, without losing your personality it reflects who you are and what you are worth. Always try to coordinate your clothes according to the occasion and select the pieces that best reflect who you are and how you want to see yourself in front of others. Combinations with similar tones between high and low garments will be a very good option, remember never wrinkled and impeccable, contrasting combinations are also an excellent option if you want to reflect a more fun style.

2.- Take care of your hair and beard

Grooming is already normal, it's just a matter of taking it to a higher level, where you take care of your skin, your face, your scalp and your beard, always look for products that are as natural as possible, a hair strengthener that is natural will always be a excellent option and for the beard look for products that do not irritate the skin but protect the follicle.

3.- Pamper yourself, you deserve it

You work very hard, you are responsible at work and with your loved ones, it is worth giving yourself some time from time to time, take advantage of those moments in the shower to meditate for a few minutes, use aromatherapy at night to rest better, like this you will perform better during the day and you will be in a much better mood.

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