About us


AlexandersKing was born in 2015 as an underwear brand for the modern gentleman, a man who seeks comfort but also identifies with a style that, although classic, combines vibrant colors with textures that are more special to the touch.

From the beginning AlexandersKing Underwear has been considered as a trendsetter of the interior style of the Mexican man who seeks to identify and distinguish himself by his sophistication in cut and design.

Within AlexandersKing you can find different lines and collections that cover the most important aspects of the life of today's man. From our PRIME line made up of timeless garments perfect for any day of the week to our exclusive limited production collections that reflect masculine and sexy inspiration for that perfect moment, designs created especially for you to wear and someone else to take them off.

Feel sexy, you deserve it!

We are a proudly 100% Mexican brand exclusively for men who want that touch of vibrant elegance and comfort in their interior style.