Boxer, Brief, Bikini o Trusa, ¿Cual es Cual?

Boxer, Brief, Bikini or Trusa, which is which?

We are constantly asked that question, what is the difference between brief and trusa? or what is the difference between bikini and trusa, or what is a slip, and to clarify all your doubts here we answer you

Let's start with the most classic cut, the trusa, it is one of the cuts most used by the Latino, perhaps because it is one of those that best adapts to the body, but, what difference does it have from a brief, you will ask, well, really none, brief is the word to say trusa in English so to clarify your doubt brief and trusa are the same.

When we started talking about other garments such as the bikini, for example, everything has to do with the silhouette, the brief is a tight cut, with a closed leg and very focused on providing support throughout the hips, while the bikini is characterized mainly p

And then we have the Slip, a garment that has evolved from its predecessor the bikini, which, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, is the most sensual evolution, the cut is more stylized both in the shell and in the back and also retains all the comfort of the brief or bikini.

We cannot forget the Jockstrap or Suspensorio as it is called in Spanish, which is a garment inspired mainly by that sexy garment used by athletes in some high-contact sports, designed to allow as much skin as possible.
Glued to the outer garment more than to the inner garment, it fits perfectly to the body and has little friction in parts that are not necessary.
And finally, the Boxer Biker, which is an evolution of that brief inspired by shorts but now much closer to the body, maintains a certain length on the leg to give greater protection to the skin of the outer garment. It is important that if we are from wide legs let's take care that they do not press too much on the leg since that can even prove leg pain due to low circulation.

As you can see, there is a cut for each body and each style, knowing the styles that exist will allow you to select carefully not only for the classic garment that you have been used to wearing, but it will give you greater comfort and fit without losing that sexy touch. .

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