¿Cual corte te queda mejor por tu tipo de cuerpo?

Which cut suits you best for your body type?

The million dollar question and it's not just a superficial image consulting question to make you look more big ass or packaged, it's mainly a matter of comfort and health, yes health, because jewelry must be taken care of!

Let's start at the beginning, there are many cuts, we will explain them one by one and give you some tips for each cut:

Brief or Trusa

This is the most common cut, apparently it was customary since we were children that we used to use this type, if this is your case there is not much to say, it is the most classic cut, it fits almost all types of bodies, the shell (where the package goes) should be wide enough to fit everything without being tight or hanging too much, its main function will be support. As it is a traditionally wide cut in the legs, it allows a lot of mobility, but here comes the counterpart if you are one of those who has big shanks, one of those that look great when you run or flex them in the gym or you have enviable genetics and doing nothing You have thick legs, many times you have the bad luck that your thighs rub against each other when you walk. If this is your case, you can constantly suffer from skin irritation, or in the best of cases, just have that part of your body darker, which It is not normally very aesthetic, but above all you get very irritated, so you should try another more flattering cut.

Jockstrap or Jockstrap

This is one of the cuts less valued in general by the Mexican, since we are more used to the classic trunks or the boxer mainly and having little "fabric" modesty wins you, but remove your prejudices, it is not only a type of very sexy garment that looks very good especially to show off the package and shape the buttocks, it is also an excellent garment for high-impact exercises since it avoids the greatest amount of friction of the fabric against the body, it is not for nothing that it is used very frequently in high impact sports like American Football. If you are going to use it for training, make sure that the shell is made of cotton lycra, it will be much more comfortable, if what you are looking for is the sexiest complement to your interior look, you know, for those nights of passion hunting, then choose from among all the models that you can find, the more crossed elastics you have, the more hardcore your look will be.


The old reliable, some would say, but not only because it covers a lot, it can also be an excellent comfort garment for walking around the house, I don't have to explain much about this cut, if you have not-so-thick legs it's a good option, some lycra cotton can be ideal to spend all Sunday relaxing without the need for those hot pants.

Boxer Trunk or Cachetero

Another very undervalued cut, but in reality it is an excellent cut, especially for those who are not so daring but still want to feel sensual, the cut on the buttocks fits perfectly to enhance them visually and the leg length is ideal to maintain comfort of the boxer, in a matter of silhouette it works perfect for those who want to show off their voluptuous rear silhouette more.

Slip or Bikini

The term Slip is not widely used by Mexicans, it is almost always called a bikini or mistakenly confused with a brief (God! please help them) but no, nothing to do with the previous one, the slip is a much wider cut on the leg without losing the rear fit, it's sensual without being like a thong or a jockstrap, it's ideal for those of us who have a bit of a tummy since the spring won't be crushing (You know what I'm talking about;) ) , another advantage of this cut is that it is one of those garments that you put it on and you feel that you are not wearing anything under your pants, its cut is so fine and minimalist that it fits perfectly to the waist of almost any body, for those of us who do not have the well-defined waist is the perfect garment since it greatly stylizes the silhouette.

the thong

One of the most misunderstood cuts in men's underwear, since it is more commonly associated with a feminine garment rather than a masculine one, but that's where the magic is! It is a garment with such a delicate and sophisticated cut that it provides an excellent fit on the man's silhouette, enhances the buttocks and improves the silhouette of the package, many believe that it can be uncomfortable or annoying to wear a strip of fabric between the buttocks, but not They may be more wrong, it is more of a perception that is too macho in many cases, but in reality the thong can be a perfect complement for a sensual night and if it is made of cotton lycra, it is perfect to wear under those tight pants that look so good. You can be seen without your underwear showing like a lady's panties.

As you will see, there are options for all tastes and styles, it is just a matter of not judging before trying, think first of your comfort and always have an open mind to broaden your horizons, even if we are talking about underwear.

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