Dale frescura y brillo a tu piel con LUSHGOLD de TIMEOFF

Give freshness and shine to your skin with LUSHGOLD from TIMEOFF

LUSHGOLD arrives, the perfect Body Mist for this return from the beach, it helps to revitalize the skin and gives it a touch of shine that you will love.

Body mist or body sprays are the new desire products in our personal care routine. They are lighter than classic perfumes and with greater properties than these due to their natural ingredients.

They are practical and easy to carry in your backpack or suitcase, they accompany you at all times of your day from the routine at the end of the gym to that pleasure trip where you want to feel fresh. It's a great way to cool off! You can apply it on your body right after taking a shower.

The lightness of the liquid evaporates quickly but the properties and aroma remain on the skin, helping to revitalize it. Contains a slight touch of gold that provides a certain glow to the skin.

It is ideal to shine when surrounded by lights in the club!

Body Mists are a very good way to freshen up and eliminate the odors of daily life, such as pollution and tobacco.

LUSHGOLD from TimeOff is the perfect companion for a day full of shine and freshness. In addition, its revitalizing essences such as acacia oil and tuberose essential oil help restore the healthy glow of the skin, while calendula and neroli essential oil are effective anti-inflammatory that help keep the skin fresh and soft.

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