Date tu #TimeOff conoce la nueva linea de Jabones Holísticos de AlexandersKing

Give yourself your #TimeOff meet the new line of Holistic Soaps from AlexandersKing

Take advantage of those minutes of intimacy in the shower for yourself, relax and #DateUnTimeOff with the new AlexandersKing TIMEOFF Personal Care line

As part of the launch of this new Personal Care line, understanding what the modern gentleman is looking for and needs, we have prepared a special collection of soaps combining the benefits of aromatherapy, natural essences and the infusion of quartz that provides that holistic touch that we all seek to clean our exterior but also our interior.

In this first collection you can find a soap for every special occasion

TIMEOFF is the perfect ally for your skin and part of that relaxing moment that we seek every day.

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