¿Que ropa interior seleccionar para tus vacaciones de verano?

What underwear to select for your summer vacation?

Summer is approaching and it has been predicted that it will be one of the hottest seasons in recent decades, so it will be crucial that if you go on a trip you prepare yourself with truly comfortable underwear both for the climate and for mobility.

That is why we have prepared some tips that will help you decide which underwear should be a must in your suitcase for your next vacation.

1.- First things first, the fabrics, depending on your activities you should select cotton, you should consider wearing a high percentage of this type of fabric to keep you cool and if your plan is to walk a lot sightseeing choose comfortable cuts like boxers to avoid pinkness in the crotch by friction.

2.- Remember that to continue with your exercise routines you should consider some in fabrics that allow the skin to breathe while you are in some high-impact exercise or with a lot of mobility such as jogging or walking on the beach, the Unwet line will be ideal for This type of activity and the jockstrap can be an excellent option since it avoids the friction of the fabric with the skin in most of your body.

3.- You cannot forget those 2 or 3 pairs of very sexy Underwear for those nights in the club, you don't know when you can find that special person to whom you will surely want to show your sexiest and most daring side ;)

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