Unwet? Skinit? Comfort? Qué es eso!

Unwet? Skinit? Comfort? What's that!

A recurring question that #AKings ask us is to know what type of fibers the garments we have in our catalog are made of. To make this easier, we have developed three categories with which you can identify the type of materials of the garment model that you liked it and thus ensure that it is what you are looking for. These categories are the following:


Garments that are distinguished mainly by their softness to the touch, mainly designed to provide a unique experience not only for the wearer, but also for those who can enjoy touching the garment. Made of polyester and spandex. The advantage of this type of garment is the possibility of having vibrant and colorful prints.


Garments that take advantage of the technology developed for sports where the performance of the material is focused on providing greater freshness due to the type of ventilation they allow. It is not perforated fabric, it is fabric woven in such a way that it allows the skin to breathe better. Like Skinit it has the same composition. In this category we can find fabrics of a mixed composition between microfiber, spandex and polyester.


Mainly made of fabrics with cotton fibers, these garments are specialized in providing comfort and freshness to those who wear them. Its blend of lycra with natural cotton fibers allows a greater focus on comfort and is ideal for those who prefer natural fibers in their underwear, either due to skin sensitivity or because they will be worn for a long period of time during the day. .

You can identify which line each garment is from since they are indicated within the corresponding sample book.

As you will be able to realize, the objective of these categories is that it is the one that you like the most and adjusts to your comfort and style needs.

And you... Are you an AKing SkinIt, Unwet or Comfort?

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