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AlexandersKing Underwear

TP0292 Brief Coquettish Garland print Green Pines and red beige background skinit

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Who has not received that sweater so characteristic of this Christmas season? Unattractive, it regularly looks bad or even itchy, but it is still a magnificent nostalgic memory with which we yearn for the happiest moments we spent with our loved ones.
Ugly Sweater is a capsule collection (limited edition) that will be available only during the Christmas season, you can't miss out on yours.


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    Care instructions

    - Wash in machine or by hand

    - Do not use dryer

    Types of Fabrics

    We know that each person is unique and that is why we have created different lines of underwear to adapt to your needs.

    SKINIT: If you are looking for softness and a unique experience, we recommend our SkinIt line. These garments are made with a combination of polyester and spandex, which gives them a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch. In addition, they are designed to provide a unique experience not only for whoever wears them, but also for whoever has the pleasure of playing them.

    UNWET: If you need freshness and comfort at all times, our UnWet line is perfect for you. These garments take advantage of technology developed for sports to provide you with greater ventilation and freshness. It is not perforated fabric, but woven in such a way that it allows the skin to breathe better. In addition, their composition of polyester and spandex makes them soft and comfortable to the touch.

    COMFORT: And if you are looking for maximum comfort, our Comfort line is for you. These garments are made primarily from cotton fibers, which gives them a soft and comfortable texture. They are specialized in providing comfort and freshness at all times, so you can feel comfortable and safe at all times.

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    Added with extracts and natural essences to help avoid discomfort and prolong pleasure.

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